Integritas Wellness Boutique

Wellness Path Starts Here

The Concept

Providing our patients with hundreds of Professional-Grade Products & Personalized Recommendations.  

Our goal has always been Optimal Care to ensure a Healthy Longevity 

Research has proven that Optimal Care and Wellness could be reached with replacing many of the Micro Nutrient Elements that are missing from our Diet.

Adding support is also helpful in providing excellent positive adjunct for Health & Wellness. 


A Healthy Community

A Healthy Community at large starts with Healthy Individuals. 

We want a Healthier Planet for Ourselves, our Children & Grandchildren. 

We want Longevity for all those around us. 


Wellness Support

We closely evaluate our patients conditions in details.  We try to find out what is deficient in their day to day important Micro-Nutrients.  We also have a vast variety of Weight-Loss Support. 

We recommend Professional-Grade Products for Optimal Wellness.